Cable Cam

An Experienced Cable Cam Team Available Worldwide

Our cable cam system is a point to point suspended camera platform offering smooth, stabilised tracking shots. A camera package is typically mounted to one of our gimbals (Movi Pro, Ronin 2) and then attached under a motorised cart that moves from A – B across the line.  Our rig is super fast and the acceleration is impressive!

We can fix the anchor points to most permanent structures like trees or they can be moveable anchors – think forklift, scissor lift, MEWP, scaffold etc.

The Safer Option…But Still Getting Those Killer Shots!

Need to fly over a crowd of people or in a congested area? Sometimes you just cant get the shot safely with a drone. Cable Cam is the safer option and we always use a dual line system for complete redundancy. Our crew are highly experienced in rigging the cable cam. We are IPAF accredited and if needed work with level 3 rope access technicians.  As always safety is our number one priority.

• Movi Pro / Ronin 2         • Indoor or Outdoor         • Heavy Lift Payload         • Professionally Rigged
• Safe over crowds (Double Line)         •Max Speed 40mph          • Max cable slope 10 degree’s         • Live downlink with 1KM Range

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